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What is Kangen Water?


What is Kangen Water?


Basically Kangen Water is simply said just alkaline tap water from your kitchen, filtered and ionized through one of the different Kangen Water machines manufactured by Enagic.


But there is more. Kangen Water has 3 main features:

  1. Antioxidation
  2. Micro-Clustering
  3. Alkalinity / alkaline pH

For a better understanding how Kangen Water machines work and about the benefits of Kangen Water please watch this demo video where Bob Gridelli demonstrates amazing experiments with different sorts of beverages. 


1: Antioxidation

All living and not-living matter has to do with oxidation.

Aging and rusting of e. g. nails are direct results of oxidation. Oxidation is caused by positive (+) free radikals in our environment.

To get an idea how oxidation can be made visible have a look at the following picture.




Both of the two glasses contain nails and water. The water in the right glas is cloudy from rust whereas the water in the left glas still is clear.

The glas on the left side contains Kangen Water the other one ordinary tap water.

Just to give you an idea how impressive this is: The nails in both of the glasses are lying in the water for already three months!




While talking about aging…


Have a look at this picture here.It shows Enagic´s CEO, Mr Hironari Oshiro, together with an American consultant.

Although both men seem to be of different ages (Mr Oshiro I´d assume to be in his mid-fourties and the American consultant with silver hair I´d assume to be well over 60) they´re of the same age: Both men were becoming 67 soon after the photo was taken!

We beleive the reason why Mr Oshiro still looks so young has to do with him drinking Kangen Water for 17 years now. Knowing about the antioxidative potential of Kangen Water you might easily conclude that this special water seems to be kind of a fountain of youth.


The oxidation potential of liquids is measurable and is called ORP (stands for Oxidation-Reduction-Potential). 


pH_ORP_meter A positive (+)ORP usually has a negative influence on our wellbeing. It promotes entropy and accelerates the aging process. On the opposite side negative (-)ORP can reduce the process of aging and is supportive for our wellbeing in general. 

Please keep in mind that "negative" (-) in this context means something very positive though.

Kangen Water usually shows an ORP between -400mV and -600mV. I even saw -800mV.

The higher the negative -ORP of the water we drink the better it can reduce the agigng process and many other health problems.



Please regard that bottled water and other modern beverages have a very high (+)ORP even those they want to make us beleive that they are very healthy like sports drinks and others. We have even found bottled water with (+)600mV ORP!


Compared to vitamin C, green tea or fresh oranges Kangen Water has a much higher ORP potential.

And if you didn´t already stop drinking soda water this should be the moment to seriously think about it. Soda not only is oxidative it also is acidic and thus increases the susceptibility for all kinds of diseases.



2: Micro-Clustering


Micro-Clustering is the second main feature of Kangen Water.


While running over th platin coated titanium plates the size of the water clusters are reduced from 15-20 molecules to 5-7 molecules. That means our body will be hydrated appr. 6 times better compared to bottled or tap water.

Because of the small cluster size Kangen Water can reach deep into the body (where your cells probably haven´t seen any water for a long time). Got the picture?

Please imagine water not only hydrating your body but also delivering oxygen, controling free radicals and at the same time de-toxifying your metabolism: That is Kangen Water!




3: Alkalization – Neutralizing

No. 3 of the main features of Kangen Water is its alkaline pH.

When born our body is in an alkaline state. That´s how nature has made us. By the time while growing up and getting older we become more and more acidic for different reasons. The optimal, healthy pH is appr. 7.35; slightly alkaline.


Acid is the "grim reaper" when we talk about our end – and the lack of "good" decisions is mainly responsible for this process. Thus the accumulation of acid and toxins in our blood and in the cells is one of the main reasons for the bad health condition of our society.

Leading scientists discoveredthat there is no "no. 1 cause of death". They point out the high level of acid concentration in our bodies.


Overacidification – The father of all diseases



Alkalization helps us removeing the surplus of acidic "waste" and thus building a healthier immune system while keepeing us healthy and balancing our level of hydration at the same time.

B.t.w. most bottled water is lightly to extremely acidic as tests can prove. I personally tested some of the leading (European) bottled waters and found even pH 5.0. You know this is a hundred times more acidic than pH 7.0 which is neutral water.

Kangen Water has a pH between 8.5 and 9.5 which is a hundred times more alkaline than neutral water!





Change your water … change your life!


Here you can start changing your life at once.

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