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How can it be good to drink Kangen® Water if

A question I reveived from one of my newsletter subscribers – and my answer

How can it be good to drink Kangen® Water if …

This is one of the most frequent questions I hear about drinking alkaline water. Because of its general interest and importance for understanding the real benefits of drinking Kangen® Water I´ll discuss it here with you.

Please don´t hesitate to send me your questions and I promise you to answer them as good as I can.


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….  how can it be good to drink Kangen® Water which is alkaline? Thus how can the usually strong acidic gastric acid still digest efficiently if permanently diluted by alkaline solutions?

Knowing that a strong acidic gastric is the requirement that the food does not rot in the gastrointestinal tract and poison us from within in no time. 


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In my Kangen® Water Review, which you can download here for free I discuss the various aspects of the benefits of drinking Kangen® Water.

The Gastrointestinal System

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The Gastrointestinal System

In this video Dr. Ben Johnson describes what happens to the stomach if you drink Kangen® Water


Here is my answer to the above question:

Let me answer your question "How can it be good to drink Kangen® Water if …" more from the background of my personal experiences than from the scientific viewpoint.

Before I started to drink Kangen® Water on a regular basis (that was in 2009-2010) I quite often was ashamed when my little son said to me: "Papa, you smell from your mouth!" Since I drink between 1 and 3 litres of Kangen® Water every day I haven´t heard this any more. Thus we also have mor fun playing and cuddling together.


The most obvious bodily changes, however, after changing my drinking water I have noticed on my skin. For the last 20 years or more, I massively suffered from a scaling skin, so I had to cream myself several times a day to maintain it to some extent bearable. Then, in late 2009, a friend of mine came up to me with the suggestion that water probably could easy my situation.

My first reaction was that I thought it was a joke. But my friend was serious and I was curious so I started an experiment.

I drank Kangen® Water – first with a pH of 8.5, than after a few weeks I climbed up to Kangen® Water 9.0 and 9.5 – and I sometimes took some Beauty Water (which is slightly acidic) to wash my face. That´s all. I even stopped creaming my skin.

The first results of my experiment became obvious after a couple of weeks. My skin felt relaxed, the dandruff began to disappear and I was fit and powerful despite my 14 to 16 hours working days.


My stomach and I live together in perfect harmony as long as I avoid drinking sparkling water. That´s quite easy for me to do because I don´t like drinking sparkling water – it makes me burp immediately…

There ar two reasons why alkaline Kangen® Water doesn´t dilute or even neutralize the gastric acid too much:

1. Kangen® Water does not need to be digested so it can rapidly pass the gastric passage or will be absorbed by the stomach wall.

2. It is important to know that gastric acid will be produced on demand and there is no acid pool in our stomach. And as water doesn´t have to be digested there is no gastro acid being produced when we drink Kangen® Water.

For a better understanding I should mention that Kangen® Water is not an acidic solution or even a lye. Kangen® Water ist simply water with an alkaline pH >7.

Back to the gastro-intestinal tract:

For me it is a sheer miracle to see what the stomach is capable to handle – even simultaniously. Think eg of proteins, fat and carbohydrates we freely mix in our meals and cram into the stomach with one gulp. Of course we expect our tummy to neatly separate and process all the stuff – which it does seemingly easy.  

I have seen pictures of the inside of bowels from people suffering from serious illnesses. These images could have been interior shots of a clogged water line as well. The comparison photos (a few weeks later) after regular drinking of Kangen® Water show a significant difference. The intestine looks downright "clean" and "tidy".

During the initial period there might be a threat of unpleasant odors from the gut until it has regained inner balance and disposed of the accumulated garbage of years and decades.

Also check the following article. It's about a man who can control his stomach willfully: Mr Waterman

Important Note: 

Important Note: All of my statements here about Kangen® Water originate from either my own personal experience or related literature (with references). They are thus not to be understood neither as healing statements nor promises of salvation in any way. For individual health issues please contact the doctor or medical practitioner of your confidence (who of course may contact me …)!


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